An Important Tool in Monitoring Your Kid’s Text Messages

I am always worried about the whereabouts of my children. To keep them safe and make sure they can always get a hold of me are my priorities. When prices on phones became realistic I immediately purchased one for my little girl Liz who’s 12 years old. Although giving my daughter a mobile phone has enabled me to be in contact with her whenever I want, I realized that this tool can also be used by stalkers and unscrupulous individuals to get in contact with my child. Watching the news about sexual predators and “sexting”, which is sending or passing semi-nude or nude photos via text messaging, has really made me doubt whether it is safe for my kid to have a cell phone with her at all times. Some teenagers are unaware that sending nude pictures or texting with strangers can be really dangerous. I really wanted to monitor text messages being sent to and from my daughters phone.

It is really a blessing when a fellow parent told me about My Mobile Watchdog. So I immediately checked out Bob Lotter’s website to see how he could protect my child. Keeping Liz safe and making sure she doesn’t do anything that can lead to further danger is what I plan to do. I just heard on the news that Liz’s favorite actress had even more nude photos released of her on the Internet. By monitoring my kids text messages I will be able to insure that this does not happen to her.

Looking at all the great features on My Mobile Watchdog and talking to other Moms convinced me that this is one of the best ways of monitoring text messages. I also like that I can afford this product and that is so easy to use. I am not Internet or computer savvy so I was scared this was something I would not be able to figure out. The feature I like the most is the one that lets me create my daughters contact list and I can check it when ever I want.

At first, my daughter was really mad at me for setting up My Mobile Watchdog. Feeling like I did not trust her she was very hurt that I was spying on her. After I told her why and that it is to keep her safe she understood. She really started to realize monitoring text messages was really important because one of her friends was sexting. Now that poor girl has pictures of her half naked body all over the Internet.

Faq about domestic and global tenders

What is a Tender?
Tender means an invitation to offer for anitem/items or work. All Public Sector purchases/Contracts in india, over a certain value has to be publicly notified through Tender Notices which are advertised through All India Newspapers, Trade journals,Departmental Publications and Notice Boards, and now on Internet. An estimated Rs.300 billions (US$ 6.6 billions) worth of equipment and services are procured annually through All India Tenders.

Types of Tenders.
Broadly, there are four types of Tenders: Limited Tendering, Open Tendering, Single Tendering and Verbal Tendering

1.Limited Tendering:This involves issuing Tender to few selected tenders only.
2.Open Tendering:This means that the Tender is open to any supplier who can quote for the materials as per requirements. This is usually done by publishing the Tender Notice in Newspapers/Trade journals/Internet and other bulletins.
3.Single Tendering:Single Tendering means sending the Tender to one particular party.Normally, it is either for an item where there is only one supplier or for an item where the purchaser has developed confidence in one supplier only and would just like to verify the current price,delivery etc. Single Tenders are also sent for items of proprietary nature.
4.Verbal Tendering:Where there is hardly any time to wait for the supplier to quote Verbal Tendering becomes necessary. This could either be done by telephoning the supplier or across the table.

A Tender Notice gives you the following details.1. Type of Item/Work enquired for.
2. Name and Address of the Tender Authority
3.The Tender Enquiry reference Number/Date
4.The cost and the last date for collection of Bid Document
5.Earnest Money Deposit This deposit is refunded to unsuccessful Tenders
6.Due Date/Time The last Date/Time for submission of Tender papers
7.Estimated cost of Item/Work Mentioned in selected Tenders
8.Any other Instructions/Information

Collection of Bid Documents/Tender Papers:
Interested parties, to collect / Purchase the Tender / Bid Documents on payment / free of cost, as the case may be. Every Tender quotation has to be accompanied by the Tender Documents.

Submission of Offers:
The Quotation has to be submitted along with all other Documents as stipulated by the Tender Authority in the Tender Notice.

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The Three Variations Of Blackjack

The game of Blackjack is a card game that is the favorite of many and hence it became one of the most popular casino games. All players that have stumble upon Blackjack passionate are the ones familiar only with the common variety of the game played. There is not only a variation in Blackjack present but, it is a diverse game with a rich history. Hence Blackjack is available in different variations of the game although with slight variation.

For any casino game like Blackjack it’s important to know the rules and the payouts before attempting a game. It is not anything that could be shoddier than having a huge bet out and being informed that you can’t do rather, like split Aces and hit which is the lowest point. So be familiar with the game before you play. Inquire others if you have doubts. As all the rules and game plan are just a click away for the Blackjack player in online gaming, it is easier than land based Blackjack gaming. The rules are very important if you intend on playing some kind of system. All systems are not common.

Many variations are available for Blackjack game; among them one variation is European Blackjack. It is played with two decks. In this, a variation, the dealer must stand on a soft 17. You are able to double down only on 9 and 11. So, if you have an Ace and an 8 with the dealer presenting a 6, you can’t double.

For most people, this control is no big deal. But, it can be dangerous to consume for the more aggressive player. The fact that you can’t double down after a split in any case is the next aggressive player destroyer. The house advantage of European version of Blackjack is 0.39% which is lower.

Another version named Atlantic City Blackjack is the version of Blackjack which is played with eight decks using a shoe. Like Euro Blackjack, the dealer must stand on soft 17. The game is similar as splitting is permissible, but only up to three hands. And even after splitting you can double on the first two cards.

The Atlantic City version permits another attractive option which is called late surrender. Here this version has 0.35% house advantage which is slightly lower than European version.

Another variation is Double Exposure Blackjack, which is a crowd favorite-at least at first. In this you can see both dealer cards. Easy win but not so fast. The dealer wins all ties and without any pushes, you just lose. It’s the worth to pay for knowing what the dealer has.

Many people don’t like this feature of Blackjack payouts only paying even money. There is no bonus at all and the game is played with a shoe that possesses 8 decks and the dealer strike on soft 17.

The house advantage of Double Exposure Blackjack is 0.69% which almost doubles the previous two versions although the dealer shows both cards.

The Solution to Your Storage Crisis

Do you need a bluetooth headset for your phone? There are a lot of different options when it comes to purchasing a bluetooth. This article will introduce you to some of the various types of headsets for your cell phone. You can either purchase a budget bluetooth headset or a premium one. The choice is up to you.

If you are person who leans more towards procuring an affordable bluetooth headset, you are in luck. Good name brands such as Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and Motorola all carry what we will call budget bluetooth headsets. These bluetooths range anywhere from �8.50 to �17.25 � a price range that is affordable to anyone! You could purchase for example, a stylish Nokia headset that has excellent standby time for �17.25. Or you could go with a Jabra bluetooth headset for only �8.50. Then again, there another Jabra bluetooth that comes with a car charger and a mobile phone holder. You get this complete package for only �12.85. This is only a few of the amazing bluetooth headsets you can purchase within the price range of �8.50 to �17.25. If you take some time to browse through budget bluetooth headsets, you are sure to find the one that is right for you!

But perhaps you are more interested in getting today�s latest technology in your new bluetooth headset. Or maybe you want a headset that is extremely comfortable? You may even like to have one that you can listen to music with as well as take phone calls! If you would prefer some of these fancier bluetooth headsets then you should shop for a premium bluetooth headset. The price range for these headsets is quite a bit larger. They can cost anywhere from �17.95 for a Sony Ericsson with 500 hours of standby time to �68.50 for an Aliph Jawbone 2 with noise canceling technology. Or if you want a bluetooth headset that you can answer calls and listen to music wirelessly, you could go for a Ericsson headset for �38.50. Whatever you are looking for in a premium bluetooth headset, you are likely to find with just a small amount of shopping.

So now you are probably wondering which you should purchase. Should you go for an affordable budget bluetooth headset? Or perhaps you should splurge and purchase yourself a premium bluetooth headset? This is a decision you will have to make on your own. Analyze your budget and determine how much you can afford to spend. If you have a few extra pounds, then by all means, purchase a premium bluetooth headset! If you are tight on money and just want a headset for driving your car, then perhaps you should go with the Jabra headset and drive pack.

Whatever you are looking for, the perfect bluetooth headset for you is out there! Take the time to find out what that is. Do you want a budget or a premium bluetooth headset? Whichever you need, get out there and buy it today. You will be glad you did!

Washing Machine and Dryers – Roll of Consumer Reports Honors

Wash with detergent, rinse with water, spin and dry: this was how washing machines in the past helped us do with taking care of our dirty clothing.

However, with the new technology applied to new washing machines, consumers are given more options with their washing. Some of them are the nanotechnology that destroys bacteria that cause bad odor to the clothes through the silver ions it releases, harnessing steam power that lift stains from the clothes as well as the energy and water conserving power of the new machines.

Even though the invention of Alva J. Fisher which was introduced in Chicago in 1908 was in fact a great advancement in the 19th century, light years ahead of it was greater inventions. In the past, many people used soil and rock in the streams to wash dirty clothes.

The Steam
Last fall, Whirlpool Corporation created and introduced to the market a washer-dryer combo that uses steam to take away dirt from the clothes. According to the company, the Whirlpool Duet Steam has the sanitizing ability to clean sheets and towels without the need for bleach. The greater thing here is that 99.9% of the bacteria and germs found on the sheets and towels were killed.

Moreover, this washer also has the ability to spin the clothes up to a maximum of 1,200 rpm with its dizzying spin speed while the drier that comes with it can take away the wrinkles and odors without the use of chemicals.

Its other competitors that include Electrolux as well as LG also have line of dryers that use steam to minimize ironing because of wrinkles.

Whirlpool will once again introduce a steam-based-washer-dryer combination this coming spring. It is called the Cabrio. Cabrio is perfect for families with lots of laundry to wash and in fact, this washer can take a maximum load of 3 baskets in one washing.

According to Drew Fraser, an executive from Whirlpool said that many consumers now believe that steam works and because of this, their latest product will appeal more to the consumers because aside from not relying too much on chemicals, more time, and money will be saved by it.


On the other side, Samsung, a conglomerate in South Korea, introduced its SilverCare in the year 2006. SilverCare is a kind of washing machine that has the ability to unleash around 400 billion of silver ions to clean the laundry in cold water without the use of bleach close to molecular level.

By using a 99.9% pure silver plate installed in the washing machine, billions of silver ions are emitted and this can actually kill around 650 types of bacteria as well as create 30-day anti-bacteria lasting effect.

Moreover, in the Consumer Reports issued in February, it was found out that the Samsung Model has the ability to slow down the growth of bacteria that cause odor in clothes. However, it was also noted that silver has the component that could harm the sea life when the water from the washer is flushed out.

That is why Samsung has been required to provide regulatory agencies that will prove that the technology they are using has no harmful effect in the environment.

The Gold Medals
The top-rater award given by the Consumer Reports went to the front-loader LG Tromm Steam Water which costs around $1,500. Aside from the 1,200 rpm speed that it has, it also takes pride of the digital panel attached to it. This digital panel is used to monitor the washing.

Aside from the front-loaders mentioned above, Whirlpool models such as Kenmore and Miele also received a good rating from the Consumer Reports. Their prices range from USD800 to USD1500.

Consumer Reports further recommended Whirlpools Estate Washer to buyers who are conscious of the pricing. Estate Washer may be bought at around $400.
Hung To Dry

Since, G.T. Sampson, a black US inventor patented clothes dryer way back in 1892, there have been other brands that have promising advances when it comes to the technology of dryer. In fact, a product from China allows drying of clothes by placing these clothes on hangers to dry them and steam them in a min-closet that serves as a room heater.

Above all these, we are certain of one thing. Gone are the days when we had to pound our dirty clothes on rocks and hang them on line under the sun so they could dry up.